Friday, April 16, 2010

Thoughts on loose ends.

I've been knitting blithely away on Ruby Red, and I'm down to the last... oh... 15? 16 rows of the second sleeve? At any rate, I will be done with it in the hour of knitting time I have in seminar this afternoon. Which means it's time to join and start the yoke.

I think that currently I am a victim of both startitis and complication-avoidance, both in school and in work. I've started my homework for both Mechanics and E+M for next week, but I can't bring myself to actually sit down and plow through the last of the derivations. I wrote up some conversion code for my telescope project, but can't sit down and debug it. I made a skeleton CV but can't seem to actually describe my experiences. I've got laundry in the dryer but I haven't pulled it out to fold it, and the load I did pull out and fold is still sitting on my couch. I've gotten most of the first sleeve of a Geodesic Cardigan (Connie Chang Chinchio for Knitscene) finished, but can't bring myself to tear back and add the extra length it really needs.

Definitely need to shake myself out of this today. I guess finishing the sleeve is a start?

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