Tuesday, April 5, 2011

StashDown 2011.

I'm participating in a Stashdown on Ravelry. I have problems with my stash... namely, I don't feel inspired by it. So, I'm trying to knit it down and develop a healthier relationship with the stash.

Here’s my rules:
  1. This yarn diet runs from April 1 to October 1, or until I run out of yarn. This is possible, I knit fast and that’s baseball season.
  2. Anything on the needles March 24 must be off the needles in some fashion by June 24.
  3. New yarn can be bought for specific projects for other people. i.e. Steph’s Ravenclaw Scarf.
  4. One skein of gorgeous sock yarn for me may be bought if one of the following conditions is met: get an A in a class, pass a qualifying exam, empty an entire hatbox of yarn. My problem is not that I have too much yarn, it’s that I don’t feel inspired by what I have, so this should put a little inspiration back in.
  5. Giving away yarn is just as good as knitting it.
  6. Patterns/needles/notions don’t count. They’re getting rid of the stash, after all!
  7. Gifts totally don’t count.
So after sorting through the stash and discovering that I had FIFTY PROJECTS there... I got to work.


Basic Black: In progress pre-March 24. Requires sleeves finished and set in and buttons sewn on.
Henley Perfected: In progress pre-March 24. Requires one sleeve finished, seaming, collar and buttons.
Girl Friday: in tan/white Ecolana.
Honeycomb Vest: in pink/purple Briar Rose.
Date Night: in red silk laceweight.

Annis: in metallic sea silk
Windsbraut: Steife Briese: in greyscale Zauberball.
Aeolian: in grey silk lace of unknown provenance.
Haruni: in purple/grey Wollmeise.
Bitterroot: in black Mal sock with pink beads!
Whipporwill: in blue Mal sock leftovers.
Citron: in brown handpaintedyarn.com laceweight. Similar fuzz to Mal lace.
Hanami Stole: in some lovely pink stuff with no label.
Echo Flower Shawl: in pink KP Shadow
Eiffel Tower Shawl: in blue Alpaca with a Twist Fino
India Stole: in black Misti Alpaca Lace
Little Leaves: in green Misti Alpaca Lace
Laminaria: in green Misti Alpaca Lace. Ready to be blocked!  Finished April 29.

Baby Stuff:
Nipper Baby Vest: in Marlin KP Comfy
Saartjie's Booties: in burgundy Regia Sock
Keene Toddler Vest: in Lava KP Swish

Old Shale Scarf: Sahara Jitterbug
Envy Scarf: blue alpaca
Steph's Ravenclaw Scarf: Dusk and Marble Heather Swish Worsted. Deadline June 26.

Calorimetry x2: my handspun, Megan's handdye
Lucy in the Sky: purple alpaca
Capitan Hat: grey Lamb's Pride
Foliage: green Debbie Bliss

Ell of a Bag - worsted scraps
Let's go shopping - market bag: pink marled cotton

BMP: In progress pre-March 24. Second leg in progress. Finished April 29.
Jaywalker: In progress pre-March 24. Nearing toe. Finished April 6.
Alpine Glow - blue Think Bamboo  Finished April 29.
Stricken - Petit Poison #5 Wollmeise
In and Out - Single Malt Dragonfly sock
Abby's Chicory Socks - Visual Purple DIC
Twisted Mockery- burgundy stuff
Pointelle - DIC Starry
Sweetheart Socks - Valley Yarns Northhampton
Thuja - KnitPicks Swish in Serrano

Nick's Fingerless Gloves - pink KP Stroll. Deadline June 12.
Spirogyra - rainbow Silky Malabrigo. Deadline June 26.
Mahayana Flying Gloves - Caribeno Silky Malabrigo.
"Musica" - Black and White Palette Finished April 30.
Under the Rose - Yellow and Green Stroll

"Mo chaisle mo chroi" - Green Mountain Spinnery
Andalus Mittens - blue and grey Palette
Hippocampus - Mini Mochi and black Cascade
Mystery + Manners - red and purple alpaca
Galileo Mittens - blue and silver Gloss

Darn socks x3-
Green worsted socks
Brown socks
Blue socks

Chameleon plush in Navy Shepherd's Wool
One Thousand Cranes in pink alpaca
Cup Wraps in Megan's handspun
Sock Yarn Blanket in fingering scraps