Thursday, November 3, 2011

A small challenge.

A lot of my friends do NaNoWriMo. Given that I need to do things like study in November, I don't. (Seriously, JulyWrimo. I'm lobbying for it.) This year, my partner's doing it, and never one to be upstaged by my boy, I'm setting myself a knitting goal:

1. 100,000 stitches.
2. Three finished sweaters.
3. One of those sweaters from swatch to sweater.
4. Oh, and Christmas gifts should be done too.

Crazy? Yep. However, it looks really quite reasonable- I've been tracking my stitches in Numbers (read: Excel for Macs) and it looks like I can knit about 3,000 stitches in a typical day. Given that I will have several untypical days of train travel this month, I think 100,000 is just barely reasonable. If all else fails, I will still knit more stitches than my boyfriend writes words, so I can pretend that they're equivalent and gloat over that.

Any other unreasonable goals in the audience?

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