Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Mona

Mona, by Cookie A. Knit in Dream In Color Starry, colorway Poma-Grenade.

The color is much truer in this picture than it is on the Loopy Ewe site. These socks are not burgundy - they are rich, dark red. John got it for me as a Christmas present with only a little pointing towards the DiC page on The Loopy Ewe.

The pattern is nicely intuitive and has many of Cookie A's ingenious little details. The ribbing flows neatly into the pattern, which flows neatly into the ribbed heel. Unlike my last Cookie A sock (Clandestine), I was able to memorize the pattern after the first repeat.

So far, I am pleased with the stretch of the fabric.

The yarn itself is not as springy as I would expect out of 98% merino. I really doubt the 2% silver would make it less elastic, but perhaps the spinning process required to bind up the silver threads mandates a tighter yarn. I've had good results with Dream In Color Classy, so I will likely try Dream In Color Smooshy in the near future to see if the inelastic property is unique to Starry.


  1. That looks beautiful! I love the color and the pattern looks fabulous. When I'm in the market for a more complicated sock to knit, I'll definitely keep that in mind.

  2. That is a gorgeous colour, have not tried sock yarn with silver in yet, but it sounds like s good idea- yarn+shiny = fantastic

  3. The color is gorgeous. I have not tried socks yet. Maybe some day.