Friday, July 29, 2011

Durrow Part One: Swatching.

In May, I was able to go to Toronto and see my favorite band, Rammstein. While I was there, I stayed with the lovely Leslie. Leslie used to work at a yarn store, and has a stash to match. She said "leave empty space in your bag!", which I interpreted as leaving a pocket open in my backpack.

I came home with five sweater quantities.

The first of these sweater quantities I'm working with is putting a dent into the 30 balls of Filtes King Kim, a 55/45 cotton/acrylic blend. It's a worsted weight chainette.

The pattern I'm working on is Durrow, which calls for a gauge of 18 stitches by 28 rows to 4"x4". When I swatched it up on size 8s, it was a full 6" for 18 stitches. Being rather unpleased with this, I grabbed the nearest set of likely-looking circulars- size 5s. And wouldn't you know, it worked.

I'm about 14" into the back of the sweater now- what? I knit fast! - and I'm really quite pleased with the yarn. I was worried about the crispness and weight. It's really quite crisp, the 4x2 rib has nice elasticity, and given that someone on Ravelry made Quadrat with it, I think the sleeve cables will show up nicely.

I have enough yarn left after this to do two sweaters for me, one in the black and one in a medium green. Hey Teach and Que Sera have come up as options. Do you have any thoughts?

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  1. Looks like a great pattern, looking forward to seeing more pictures of it (and wow, you sure are a fast knitter!)